Glasshouse Mountains Cafe

Locally Grown Seasonal Produce

Enjoy locally grown coffee just the way you like it, or a freshly brewed locally grown tea. Amy and Ryan’s Café menu is a true Glasshouse Mountains cafe taste experience that highlights local and seasonal produce.

Opening Hours

Friday – Sunday 8:00am – 4:00pm

While our kitchen stops preparing food at 1:00pm, there are still plenty of choices from our display cabinets in the afternoons.

Food as nature intended, with a stunning view to match

Relax and enjoy a light meal. There are sweet treats to accompany a perfect coffee and plenty of savoury bites as well. We cater for all food requirements. Food tastes even better when it can be shared with a great view. The Café is situated on a hilltop with expansive views of the surrounding mountain. 

Drink Local

The Café serves locally grown tea that is processed and packaged at Bellthorpe, in the mountain range to the west of the Glass House Mountains by Brendon and Kristie Collins Arakai Estate.