Coffee Tastings & Tours

Know your coffee, know your farm

Our farm lives and grows in harmony with the pristine environment offered by the National Parks around the Glass House Mountains and is a fabulous place to learn more about where your favourite foods come from. There is a story to discover about every coffee bean, fruit and nut – and our farmers love to share.

Opening Hours

Friday – Sunday 8:00am – 4:00pm

While our kitchen stops preparing food at 1:00pm, there are still plenty of choices from our display cabinets in the afternoons.

Coffee Tasting Boards

Sample the unique flavours of our Australian coffee range in our Coffee Tasting Experience. Up to four carefully brewed coffees are included in the Tasting Board, together with tasting notes. We are delighted to pass on our knowledge about all things coffee–a true celebration of the Australian coffee culture and lifestyle.

Farm Tours

Our farming team has a rich heritage in growing all things horticultural and a guided tour is a great way to learn about the coffee growing, harvesting and processing, sustainability practices and the unique ways farmers can add to its flavour and nutritional profile. An appreciation for where our food comes from and who has grown it (the provenance) helps you make great choices.