Growing Tropical Fruit & Coffee


Glasshouse Plantation is a working farm giving visitors an opportunity to learn about growing tropical fruit, coffee and nuts and producing honey, directly from the farmers, Paul Ziebarth and Lisa Palu.

Growing tropical fruit, coffee and macadamia nuts on the Sunshine Coast means we are blessed with a balance of rain and sunshine. Our focus on the structure and fertility of our soils, and the health of our trees and our landscape is paramount. That makes our tropical produce is highly nutritious and full of unique flavour, the way nature intended. 


self-guided farm tour


Our complimentary farm tour is self-guided. We grow more than 20 exotic and native food and timber trees on our property. You’ll learn about coffee, mangos, lychees, macadamias, bunya nuts, hoop pine, avocados, pineapples (which don’t grow on trees), bolwarra (native guava), and monsteria to name a few.

Understand, appreciate and enjoy the reality of


We have developed a fascinating guidebook to inform visitors while wandering at your own pace.

The self-guided tour will take you from Glasshouse Plantation’s very first coffee tree, to the pineapple patch, past the farm shop, around our 100-year-old farmhouse and down to the orchards.  You can wander amongst the mango and lychee trees and breath in their luscious flavours. The guide provides easy to digest farming information, which will inspire you to taste these foods and if you have the space, maybe even try growing some yourself.

Paul and Lisa are keen to share with you their passion and knowledge of growing coffee, tropical fruit, and macadamia nuts.

This is a ‘glasshouse mountains walk’ unlike any other.

meet the farmers



Every season brings new flavours when growing tropical fruit and nuts. 

On your farm tour, we are happy for you to collect a few fallen macadamia nuts, take them home and discover how they dry out so you can enjoy them. 

You can sample our tropical fruit and nuts all year round in our range of traditional handmade preserves.

The natural beauty here at Glasshouse Plantation will leave you inspired whether you have a large garden or just love your balcony plants. Plants from our lush tropical gardens can purchased to brighten your landscape and home.


“We had a wonderful afternoon finding this special little place, the owners were amazing and passionate about their dreams for the plantation. The children had a wonderful time cracking the fresh macadamia nuts while we enjoyed a peaceful moment enjoying our gourmet ice-cream, omg yummm, really enjoyed our pineapple and passionfruit jam.”

Wondering what else you can expect?

How long does the Farm Tour take?

As long as you like. There is a lot of interesting information to take in. You can stop for a beverage if you want a break and pick up the tour where you left off anytime. 

How much does the Farm Tour cost?

Nothing it’s complimentary and entry to the farm is free. However, we do appreciate when visitors purchase produce, refreshments, or artwork from our farm shop.

What should I wear?

Definitely wear a hat. Part of the tour requires walking in the sun. As this is a working farm there will be uneven surfaces, so it is wise to wear comfortable covered shoes. 

Do I need to book the Farm Tour?

No, the fruit farm tour is self-guided and self-paced, so you can start anytime. 

Visit This Weekend

122 Glasshouse-Woodford Road, Glass House Mountains
(We’re on the road to the Scenic Lookout)
T: 0419 663 404 



Opening Hours

Saturday and Sunday: 9 am ~ 6 pm 



Free entry when you purchase something from our shop – you’ll be welcome to enjoy our farm for as long as you would like (until 6pm).



Ask away. We’ll reply to your queries as quickly as possible.

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