Glasshouse Mountains Tourist Drive

A Day Trip

To Glasshouse Plantation

A photographer’s dream. A menagerie for bird watchers. An escape from the city.

When you set off on your Glasshouse Mountains tourist drive – you’ll find we aren’t far away.
Whether you’re coming from Brisbane, the coast or inland it is an
 easy drive.

Perched on the hill, our farm lives and grows in harmony with the pristine environment offered by the national parks around the Glass House Mountains.

  1. Visit us on your way up to Glass House Mountains scenic lookout
  2. Refresh with us after a walking in one of the many the national parks
  3. Bus tours are welcome, please book ahead for large groups
  4. Or catch a train with your bike to the Glass House Mountains township, just a short hike up the hill.


Of course, visiting the Glasshouse Plantation should be first on your Glasshouse Mountains tourist drive. Apart from enjoying the views, the self-guided tour, and the native flora and fauna on the farm, visiting our farm shop is a must. You’ll find fine local produce and genuine Aboriginal art.


Embrace Australia’s farm life on your Glasshouse mountains tourist drive.

Learn about growing coffee and tropical fruit on a working farm

The Farm Shop


Excite your taste buds with irresistible chocolate coated pineapple slices from The Pineapple Link.

Try our delicious fresh macadamia nuts, we have kilo and half kilo bags for purchase or you may find your own under a tree as you wander the property. And if you don’t have time and patience to crack-your-own, take home Australia’s native nut, dry roasted, seasoned with bush tucker flavors by local growers Michael and Jodie Cameron from Barenuts.


You can see a hive of Australia’s tiny stingless bees at work. Sample and take home their precious, exquisitely flavoured Sugarbag honey produced by Ann and Jeff Ross at Hive Haven Beerburrum. And if you live in Queensland, take home Ann’s special mix of flower seeds for your garden or balcony to provide food for these ecologically important insects. 

We sell European bee honey too from hives Jeff and Ann keep in the Glass House mountains.

we love to embrace

other local producers

If you are inspired and want to keep your own native bees, ensure you pick up a copy of The Australian Native Bee Book by Dr Tim Heard, which will tell you everything you will need to know and more. Lisa and Tim studied Agricultural Science at UQ at the same time and have remained life-long friends. 

Our beautiful region is bursting with food and beverage producers and we like to support them. Cool off with pure spring water from Cooroy, soft drinks from Wimmers and ice cream from Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream.




Our artist (Murruppi) Daniel Murphy, paints and creates for us. He is a descendant of the Djirrbal and Ngadjonji tribes of Northern Australia and grew up in the rainforests of Far Northern Queensland where he developed a love of the natural world and a deep appreciation for his Aboriginal culture. Daniel is an excellent story- teller and his work speaks volumes about the richness of his cultural heritage.

See Daniel’s authentic Aboriginal art and artefacts and learn about the Aboriginal legend of how Coonorwrin became known as ‘crook neck’ and who his parents were.

we sell plants too


We propagate the tropical foliage plants you will see in the gardens around our farm shop so you can take them home to brighten your house and garden. They are mostly easy care, though we do have a few speciality plants too.

You can also take home some of the fruit trees you will see on the self-guided tour. We love growing things and sharing our knowledge, so you can be a good carer of your new ‘chlorophyll baby’, which will breath in your carbon and turn it into fresh oxygen!

like a little caffeine?

No doubt you will get thirsty on your Glasshouse Mountains tourist drive, we have cold drinks and hot beverages, including espresso coffee to help you refresh. 

In the future, we will offer coffee we have grown, processed, and roasted on Glasshouse Plantation so you can have a unique paddock to cup experience on the Sunshine Coast. 

Australians love their coffee – we drink more than two billion cups each year. But did you know we grow less than one percent of all the coffee we consume in Australia? There is a high chance that you have never had a cup of coffee from beans grown in Australia! 


We want to help change this, and while our little trees are growing, we serve Zentveld’s coffee blended from beans grown on the family’s plantation in the hills behind Byron Bay, Northern NSW. We also offer a range of Zentveld’s coffee beans, whole or ground, and choc coated for you to take home and enjoy.

We  serve locally grown tea as well, grown, processed and packaged at Bellthorpe, in the mountain range to the west of the Glasshouse Mountains by Brendon and Kristie Collins Arakai Estate. We stock their delicious range of black tea and green tea in a variety of pack sizes so you can enjoy the relaxing experience at home.

Do we need to book?

No, visitors are welcome between 9 am and 6 pm on weekends.

Is the farm suitable for assisted movement devices?
The farm shop is wheelchair, walking frame and pram friendly but around the farm there are naturally uneven pathways, gravel, and grass surfaces.
Do you have toilets?

Currently we do not have access to toilets, and we ask visitors to head up the road to the Lookout where there are public facilities. However, we have now received Council approval of our Development Application and in 2021 will extend the farmhouse at the rear to capture the mountains views for a new dining area, toilets, farm shop and coffee roastery. 

How many people can you accommodate?

Many. We have no set limit on numbers of people, but keep in mind the lack of onsite toilet facilities. 

Visit This Weekend

122 Glasshouse-Woodford Road, Glass House Mountains
(We’re on the road to the Scenic Lookout)
T: 0419 663 404 



Opening Hours

Saturday and Sunday: 9 am ~ 6 pm 



Free entry when you purchase something from our shop – you’ll be welcome to enjoy our farm for as long as you would like (until 6pm).



Ask away. We’ll reply to your queries as quickly as possible.


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