Ten Reasons To Drink Australian-Grown Coffee

Discover ten compelling reasons to choose Australian-grown coffee, from superior taste to supporting local businesses and sustainability.

Should we be consciously choosing to drink Australian-grown coffee?

Next time you sit down with your favourite brew, have a think about where the coffee beans have been grown and roasted. Chances are your coffee has been made from beans grown across the seas –Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia being the five most significant coffee growing countries in the world. In fact, more than 99% of the coffee we drink is imported into Australia. Chances are you have never drunk Australian-grown coffee. But the good news is coffee growing is an emerging industry on Australian soils, where the climate in subtropical and tropical regions of our country is well suited to growing coffee trees.

Benefits of Drinking Australian-Grown Coffee

Drinking Australian-grown and roasted coffee has a host of benefits, and offers a high quality and taste profile that cannot be replicated. The ‘taste of Australia’ or ‘terroir’ is present in every cup, and at Glasshouse Plantation we are dedicated to showing not only Australian coffee drinkers, but also coffee lovers all around the world, the incredible and distinctive flavour profile that is quickly enjoyed by everyone who tastes it.

So, what makes drinking Australia-grown coffee so important and rewarding? Here are ten reasons you can choose Australian-grown coffee for your daily brew.

  1. Has a delicious taste profile which varies across subtropic and tropical regions, due to specific climatic ripening conditions.
  2. Is fresh because the supply chain from Australian farm to Australian consumer is much shorter than any other coffee available.
  3. Is naturally lower in caffeine. 
  4. Is grown without the need for pesticides as there are no major pests in Australia that impact on coffee bean development.
  5. Travels less food miles as it is grown and roasted here, and at Glasshouse Plantation our coffee is grown and soon will be roasted on site meaning zero food miles.
  6. Is grown, processed and roasted under Australian wages and working conditions, which can differ significantly from other parts of the world.
  7. Is grown in line with Australian standards for quality control, ensuring you get a clean and high-quality product that is world-class.
  8. Supports local businesses with 100% of Australian coffee growers currently family run businesses.
  9. Offers an emerging frontier for farming and agriculture, with new varieties and strong demand both in Australia and for export as a highly valued product.
  10. Can be enjoyed with a sense of pride in place. Australians love to support local produce and drinking Australian-grown coffee is another real way to show you care.

Australian-grown coffee offers a truly sustainable and ecologically sound future that tastes amazing. At Glasshouse Plantation, we are proud to both grow, and in the future, roast our coffee beans, creating an even more distinct flavour that is uniquely our own.

If you care where your coffee comes from, choosing Australian grown coffee from Glasshouse Plantation is a delicious and sustainable place to start.